Services that entrepreneurs actually need

Business Services

Business Services

Business Services

Our business services will meet most any entrepreneurs needs, from acquiring Business Loans to Business Improvement Services.

Business Funding: Elevation One Group offers fast, secure financing solutions without the restrictions imposed by traditional bank loans. We fund small businesses across diverse industries including fields that may be considered "high-risk" by other financing institutions. 

Business Improvement Services: Elevation One Group is committed to helping your business grow. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of resources for entrepreneurs, innovators and growing companies. Our variety of business improvement services help lower costs, improve sales, streamline operations, and reduce risk.

Start-Up Financing

Start-Up Financing gives you the financial resources to start a business, have access to working capital, meet some emergency needs, or more. We can deliver fast funding without the red tape. 

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Business Term Loan

Business term loans are set up to meet almost any unique business need. You can leverage your loan for everything from working capital, equipment purchase, business growth or hiring staff. 

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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit offers the most flexibility of your next big growth. You don't have to use the total amount you're approved for, which means you don't have to pay that total amount back.

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Business Cash Advance

Business cash advance is a cash given in exchange for a small portion of your future credit card sales. There are no late payments and no cash flow interruptions. Moreover, there are no constraints on how you use your cash advance.

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Invoice Factoring 

Invoice factoring provides an advance on payments for outstanding invoices. This way, you can have working capital to reinvest in operations and growth sooner than you could if you waited for your customers to pay you.

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Business Improvement Services 

Business improvement services offers resources for entrepreneurs, innovators and growing companies that can help a business dlower costs, improve sales, streamline operations, and reduce risk.

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     Services that entrepreneurs 

actually need

We take the time to understand your needs and provide solutions 

to accelerate your business. From incorporation services to funding 

viability assessment, we have you covered.