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Fund Your Franchise 

Franchise Financing 

Flex Funding gives you flexibility in financing your franchise. 

Financing a franchise is a significant investment, but potential franchisees who are short on capital shouldn’t get discouraged by the high price tag. With our Flex Funding, it’s possible to turn the dream of franchise ownership into reality.

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What is Flex Funding?

Flex Funding is our new and improved unsecured loans and lines of credit with approvals in 24 hours and funded in as little as 3 days. Flex Funding has a 99% Approval Rate for borrowers. 

Funding $10,000 to $400,000 

Rates As Low As 5%

Terms 3 to 7 Years

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Qualifying For Flex Funding

Minimum Requirements:

680 Credit Score

$27,000 Annual Income

2 Years of Good Credit History

Our Flex Funding has no prepayment penalties and can be used to finance any type of franchise!

To get speak with a Funding Specialist and get pre-approved, apply now. 

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