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Funding made for you

Flex Startup Funding

Blast off with your new business with Flex Funding

Flex Startup Funding

Starting a business comes with costs. Funding your business is one of the first — and most important — financial choices most business owners make. How you choose to fund your business could affect how you structure and run your business.

Our Flex Startup Funding gives the cash to kickstart your business fast. New business owners use their funds for get their business off the ground without needing a business plan or experience. , 

Flex Funding For Your New Business

All you'll need is 660+ Credit and $27k Annual Income 

Get Pre-Approved

Startup Financing 


  • $10,000 to $400,000 per applicant
  • Rates are as low as 6% 
  • Unsecured Term Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Monthly Payments
  • Approvals In 24 Hours

  • U.S. Citizen and Permanent Residents
  • 660+ Credit Score
  • Proof of Income $27,000 Annually
  • No Derogatory Marks on Credit the Last Two Years
  • No New Credit Lines In the Last 6 Months

Approvals In 24 Hours

Get Flex Funding